The Weather is Freezing but the Economy is Not

After a turbulent few cycles, Willians are growing more optimistic about their future.  The economy is growing again and hiring for full-time jobs improved last cycle leading more unemployed Willians to increase their job search efforts. While unemployment remains higher than the government would like, spokespeople for the Roslin administration maintain that the economy is on track and that government... read more

Mega Corp Announces New Products

For Immediate Release Mega Corp is pleased to announce the release of three new machines designed to meet the growing demand for Macs and Lyons. The Macizoid Mega Corp is proud to offer you the Macizoid for a low introductory price of only $500.  The Macizoid is able toproduce 1000 Macs per cycle, in 100 unit increments. Each increment requires only 2 energy units, 5 units of raw materials and 8... read more

Willians Seek Lyons

Story filed by W. Tippin The citizens of Will World have been on the hunt for Lyons.  Rumours of this new gadget reached the shores of Will World late last month but they have yet to have been spotted in stores.   Local business man Barney Stinson, who claims he purchased one on an overseas business trip, says “they’re awesome” and will do wonders for your laser tag game. Unconfirmed... read more

Mac Mania

Story Filed by R. Gilmore A new craze is sweeping Will World.  Macs are coming to town.  After selling out with a limited run, Wolfram & Hart has promised a new supply of Macs as soon as their new Macizoid is installed. “The response we received from our initial run was beyond all expectations,” says Mr. Windham Price. “We anticipate higher sales in the future as more citizens of... read more