Mega Corp Announces New Products

For Immediate Release

Mega Corp is pleased to announce the release of three new machines designed to meet the growing demand for Macs and Lyons.

The Macizoid

Mega Corp is proud to offer you the Macizoid for a low introductory price of only $500.  The Macizoid is able toproduce 1000 Macs per cycle, in 100 unit increments. Each increment requires only 2 energy units, 5 units of raw materials and 8 unskilled operators to function. Our state of the art design keeps manufacturing costs low. Each 100 unit increment costs you only $1 in operating costs. The Macizoid is your ticket to cornering the Mac market.

The Lyonator

If Lyons are what you need, the Lyonator is your dream machine. For only $500 you can purchase our cutting edge machine that will produce 1000 Lyons per cycle, in 100 unit increments.  Requiring only five unskilled operators, the Lyonator represents the best in low labour manufacturing.   With our patented design, your 100 Lyons will only require 5 energy units, 5 units of raw materials and $1 in operating costs.  Don’t miss this opportunity to become a leader in Lyon production.

The LM Supreme

If the key to your success is flexibility, Mega Corp has the product for you.  Our high end LM Supreme allows you to customize your production runs.   In one cycle, the LM Supreme can produce both Macs and Lyons in 100 unit increments.  We integrated the same manufacturing processes as the Macizoid and Lyonator into one high tech machine.  If your goal is to capture both markets, you can’t do better than the LM Supreme.  The operating costs are only $1.25 per increment. For a limited time, this piece of engineering genius is available for only $650.  Buy yours today.

Interested?  Please complete our online sales form to complete your purchase.

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