Cooper Sterling Advertising Agency Opens

For Immediate Release Cooper Sterling, the world renowned advertising agency, is proud to announce the opening of our first office in Will World. Our innovative and eye-catching advertising campaigns will capture the imagination of Willians and improve your company’s performance. Contact us here for further... read more

Many Macs, Loads of Lyons

Did you buy a Lyon this cycle?  If you didn’t you are probably the only person in the country without one.   Half of Will World manufacturers dramatically increased their production.  There were so many Lyons flooding the market that retailers had to rely on discounts to move all the products. “You make decisions based on certain market parameters ” said Fred Burkle, Head of Research... read more

Interesting Moves in Interest Rates

In a surprise move, the central bank of Will World has dropped interest rates by 1.5 points to a new low of 4.5%.  This drop in the overnight target rate will mean lower interest costs on new business loans.  The central bank is hoping businesses continue to expand their operations, hire new employees and help the economy grow. read more

Excitement Builds for New Mac and Lyon Options

Story filed by W Tippin Rumours of new offerings of Macs and Lyons have Willians buzzing.  Already a hit in Lawrence Parkland, the new painted Macs are expected to sell at a premium when they arrive in Will World.  Prices in Lawrence Parkland average around $3.50. “I can’t wait,” said Annie Edison. “I’m going to buy five, one for every weekday.” The luxury Lyons,... read more

Will Words to Sell Advertising Space

For Immediate Release Will Words will now offer space for two advertisers to run  ads on the bottom of every story or our sidebar for an entire cycle. The cost for the bottom of each story is $250.  The cost for the side bar is $150. Space is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. To place your ad, email a jpg file to willworldwords at gmail dot com.   The first ads received during the ad sales... read more

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