Retailers Revelling in Renewed Revenues

Story filed by R Gilmore

After last year’s doom and gloom, retailers are thrilled with consumers’ renewed enthusiasm for spending binges.  “I haven’t had this many customers in my store in months,” said local shop owner, Dallas Royce. “We almost had a fight last week when we sold out of Lyons.”

At this time last year, retailers were dealing with surplus inventories in clothing, electronics and other consumer goods. Now, they face shortages.  With the economy almost fully recovered from last year’s recession and corporate balance sheets flush with cash, salaries are beginning to rise and consumers are wasting no time in spending their additional income.

“Last year was so difficult,” said Britta Perry. “I was laid off from my waitressing job and just about lost my apartment.  I finally found a new job and an rewarding myself with a brand new Mac.”

Many customers are making similar comments.  Others expressed disappointment that stores were sold out by the time they got there.   Many manufacturers have indicted that they will increase production to meet the high demand.

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