Excitement Builds for New Mac and Lyon Options

Story filed by W Tippin

Rumours of new offerings of Macs and Lyons have Willians buzzing.  Already a hit in Lawrence Parkland, the new painted Macs are expected to sell at a premium when they arrive in Will World.  Prices in Lawrence Parkland average around $3.50.

“I can’t wait,” said Annie Edison. “I’m going to buy five, one for every weekday.”

The luxury Lyons, selling for around $6.75,  now available on the Island of Northernview are also attracting considerable attention from curious Willians.

“Quality is important,” says Jeff Winger. “I only buy the best so from now on I will only buy Luxury Lyons.”

Market watchers are keeping a close eye on Will World manufacturers to see who will take the leap into the premium markets.   It’s unknown yet how large the market for these new goods will be and how much of an effect this will have on the existing demand for Macs and Lyons.

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