Many Macs, Loads of Lyons

Did you buy a Lyon this cycle?  If you didn’t you are probably the only person in the country without one.   Half of Will World manufacturers dramatically increased their production.  There were so many Lyons flooding the market that retailers had to rely on discounts to move all the products.

“You make decisions based on certain market parameters ” said Fred Burkle, Head of Research at Wolfram and Hart. “And then a bunch of newcomers go crazy and the market for your products bottom out.  You don’t make much money when you are selling Lyons for $0.76!?”  Ms. Burkle refused to comment further when asked about the potential supernatural retaliation.

When asked about the price of $1.48 for a Mac, a company representative for Dunder Mifflin stated the company was satisfied with their revenue this cycle and would postpone a potential expansion into the market for beet juice.

In related news, Mega Corp announced its most profitable cycle ever, with record-breaking sales.  The company also said that it is reinvesting the profit into R&D and jet planes for company officials.


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