Will Words to Sell Advertising Space

For Immediate Release

Will Words will now offer space for two advertisers to run  ads on the bottom of every story or our sidebar for an entire cycle.

The cost for the bottom of each story is $250.  The cost for the side bar is $150. Space is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To place your ad, email a jpg file to willworldwords at gmail dot com.   The first ads received during the ad sales time period will be placed on our sidebar for the rest of the cycle.  Payment will be arranged through CuttleBank.

The dimensions of the ads are as follows:

Bottom of the page — width: 468 pixels, height: 60 pixels

Sidebar — width: 250 pixels; height: flexible

Format – png or jpg

Ads that do not meet the requirements will be rejected and the next ad in the queue will be used.

One ad per business

banner ad

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