Poor Planning, Puzzling Production and Perplexing Pricing

Story filed by R Gilmore With strong consumer demand and low input prices, you would expect Will World manufacturers to taking every opportunity to expand their businesses.  Instead, many manufacturers are making strange decisions that have some market watchers questioning company leadership. “This is a great time to be making and selling consumer goods,” said Ms Van Der Hooven.... read more

Booming Economy Increases Demand for all Consumer Goods

Story filed by R Gilmore Strong growth, higher salaries and more jobs are fueling an increase in demand for consumer goods in all retail sectors in Will World.   Optimistic about their future, Willians are opening their wallets and splurging. “Demand for luxury items like purses, watches and high-end electronics are way up,” said D. Feng, retail analyst for Cuttlebank. “While there is... read more

How much more can we take?

Editorial filed by A Gore With rising prosperity comes rising filth. Most Willians will tell you they are happy with the economy improving and wages beginning to rise.  Rising incomes give the hard-working citizens of Will World the opportunity to indulge and splurge on the latest in consumer products.  Manufacturers have rushed to fill this demand, flooding the shelves of Will World with Macs and Lyons.... read more

Global Demand Pushes Unrefined Energy Prices Higher

Story filed by W Tippin Expanding economies around the world are pushing up unrefined energy prices.    Will World, without unrefined energy reserves of our own, has little insulation from global price fluctuations.    Imports from the Island of Northernview and Lawrence Parkland have increased over the past cycles as new manufacturers enter the Lyon and Mac markets. Energy producers in Will World are... read more

Minimum Wage Increases

Story filed by R Gilmore After a controversial parliamentary session, which saw disagreements dissolve into shouting matches on the house floor,  the government of Will World has determined that the minimum wage will rise to  $35 per cycle.   This is the first increase to the minimum wage in 18 cycles. “With energy prices rising and the unemployment rate falling, it is time for all Willians to... read more

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