Nakatomi Trading Corp. Opportunity

For Immediate Release

Nakatomi Trading Corp. is interested in a long term partnership with one or more Will World manufacturers.  Impressed by successful launch of the Macs and Lyons in Will World, Nakatomi would like to offer you the opportunity to extend your products to international markets.   We will purchase your products for export at a guaranteed price for the length of our contract

The terms of the agreement are as follows:

  • A three cycle commitment to purchase 6000 Macs and 4000 Lyons each cycle
  • Macs will be purchased for $1.45 per Mac
  • Lyons will be purchased for $1.20 per Lyon
  • Failure to fulfill our orders will result in a $3000 penalty
  • We only wish to deal with one contact person but are willing to have several suppliers.

Contact our representative at Cuttlebank to refine terms and sign the agreement.


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