Booming Economy Increases Demand for all Consumer Goods

Story filed by R Gilmore

Strong growth, higher salaries and more jobs are fueling an increase in demand for consumer goods in all retail sectors in Will World.   Optimistic about their future, Willians are opening their wallets and splurging.

“Demand for luxury items like purses, watches and high-end electronics are way up,” said D. Feng, retail analyst for Cuttlebank. “While there is growth in almost all sectors, the luxury market is definitely experiencing the strongest growth.”

Local Lyon manufacturer, Blue Sun Corporation, anticipates growing demand for their Lyons.  “Even with the high supply in the marketplace, we feel the demand for Lyons will continue to grow,” said PR representative Mr. Wing.  “We expect to have another strong cycle as Willians continue to spend.”

Some experts have expressed concerns over Willians’ increasing use of credit to finance day-to-day purchases.  Credit card purchases are up 40% from this time last year.  Others aren’t as concerned as rising incomes will cover the increased debt.

Fears or not, there is no doubt that the economy is strong, with growth rates topping 2.9% last cycle.   While inflation remains within boundaries, energy prices are up  this cycle as global growth pushes demand higher.   Energy producing nations have little slack in their supplies to meet the new demand.

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