How much more can we take?

Editorial filed by A Gore

With rising prosperity comes rising filth.

Most Willians will tell you they are happy with the economy improving and wages beginning to rise.  Rising incomes give the hard-working citizens of Will World the opportunity to indulge and splurge on the latest in consumer products.  Manufacturers have rushed to fill this demand, flooding the shelves of Will World with Macs and Lyons.  But our shelves are not the only things flooding.

Our air is dirtier than ever.  Our natural resources are plundered in the name of cheap consumer goods.  Can we live with this?  Isn’t time these companies stop profiting from the destruction of our world?

Now is the time for action.  Now that companies can’t cry poverty or a poor economy, now is the time for all corporations of Will World to do their part.

Call your representative and demand that government take strong action.  It is our children’s future that is at stake.

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