Minimum Wage Increases

Story filed by R Gilmore

After a controversial parliamentary session, which saw disagreements dissolve into shouting matches on the house floor,  the government of Will World has determined that the minimum wage will rise to  $35 per cycle.   This is the first increase to the minimum wage in 18 cycles.

“With energy prices rising and the unemployment rate falling, it is time for all Willians to share in the expanding economy,” said a spokesperson for the Roslin administration. “Our minimum wage workers are the hardest hit by higher energy prices.  They need some relief and our government is here to provide it.”

Many labour activists praised the move while some said the increase was not enough.  “If energy prices keep going up, this wage increase won’t have much effect,” said one labour activist.

Business reaction was mixed as well.  Many businesses said that in a time of rising energy prices they can’t afford to pay their workers more.  Other businesses, whose customers were minimum wage earners were happy with the announcement, claiming that the increase in wages should increase their sales.

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