Manufacturers Make Multitudes

Will World manufacturers went on a spending and production spree last cycle.  Mega Corp was extremely pleased with their strong sales of all types of machines and all raw material producers say they sold out and are scrambling to meet the increased demand. Hiring also increased as manufacturers ramped up production.  Unfortunately, consumers simply weren’t able to keep up with the increased... read more

Mega Corp Introduces Clean Air Technology

Mega Corp is thrilled to announce the development and production of our new Scrub-Ease technology.   Designed for the LM Supreme, Macizoid and Lyonator our new scrubbers reduce your pollution emissions to government-accepted levels.  We have assurances from government officials that any machine that has this technology installed will not require pollution credits. The cost of the machines, plus... read more

Painted Products, Pretty Profits

It’s a great time to be a consumer in Will World.  With the economy growing, wages increasing and manufacturers innovating, consumers indulged any remaining built-up spending urges.   Products flew off the shelves and retailers said they sold out of much of their stock.    If you wanted to buy a Mac from SSI or The Economics Party you are out of luck. New products on shelves meant some shifts in... read more

DunderMifflin Apologizes, Pledges to Save the Geese

For Immediate Release DunderMifflin would like to apologize for the horrific death of the flock of migrating geese.  While nothing we can do can restore these beautiful creatures to life, we will do what we can for other geese in Will World. We have started a fund to purchase nearby parkland that has been abandoned due to pollution and restore it to it’s natural beauty and create a preserve for wild... read more

Dirty Air Leads to Dirty Politics

In a surprise legislative session last night, the Roslin administration pushed through their new pollution credit system over the fierce, and oft-times vulgar, objections of the opposition parties.  Through the legislation has been in the works for years, no one believed it would ever leave committee review.  The deaths last week of flocks of Willian geese that flew through the emissions of DunderMifflin... read more

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