Dirty Air Leads to Dirty Politics

In a surprise legislative session last night, the Roslin administration pushed through their new pollution credit system over the fierce, and oft-times vulgar, objections of the opposition parties.  Through the legislation has been in the works for years, no one believed it would ever leave committee review.  The deaths last week of flocks of Willian geese that flew through the emissions of DunderMifflin has added fuel to the toxic fire.

The Modern Progressive Moderate Conservative party was pushing for no action, saying the market would solve the problem.  “Just look at DunderMifflin today, “said one party member. “No one is going to buy anything they produce for years to come.”

The Clean Earth party objected just as strongly to the legislation, calling it a ‘waste of precious paper that will do nothing to clean our air.”   Party members had been calling for much stricter emission regulations and greater spending on pollution monitoring and enforcement.

The Roslin administration settled for a program somewhere in the middle. Starting next cycle, all firms will be required to hold pollution credits, nicknamed ‘goosies’, to continue manufacturing. Either that or  they need to find a way to eliminate the emissions from their factories.  The details of the distribution of the credits are still uncertain but the government has promised an announcement shortly.

While business groups are unhappy with the legislation, there is some relief that the government didn’t resort to the hard cap on production that was under consideration.

Hopefully the system they design will allow for some flexibility,” said one industry watcher. “A hard cap benefits no one.”

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