Painted Products, Pretty Profits

It’s a great time to be a consumer in Will World.  With the economy growing, wages increasing and manufacturers innovating, consumers indulged any remaining built-up spending urges.   Products flew off the shelves and retailers said they sold out of much of their stock.    If you wanted to buy a Mac from SSI or The Economics Party you are out of luck.

New products on shelves meant some shifts in buying patterns.  One industry expert is warning that sales of standard Macs and Lyons may fall as middle class consumers shift their spending to painted Lyons and Macs.  “A sale of a painted Mac means one less standard Mac is purchased,” explained the expert. “As more painted Macs become available you can expect to see the demand for standard Macs to fall.”   However, low overall supply in the Mac market may mean prices and sales will remain stable.   Some customers where overhead complaining about paying high prices for CMO products but due to their limited availability the company still sold out of all inventory.

For now most manufacturers can celebrate a cycle with record-breaking sales and happy consumers. Willians are thrilled with their new painted Macs.  “They are soo pretty,” gushed Lilly Aldrin.  “I bought five Painted Macs from Pear. I thought about buying another from SSI but the price was just too high. I splurged and bought a Painted Lyon from Wayne Enterprises as well since they were so reasonably priced.”

One industry watcher was surprised that no companies were advertising on TV or radio last cycle.  “It’s not normal for a new product to launch with no advertising.  Some companies didn’t sell as much as they could because consumers didn’t know the products existed.”

Lyons sold for an average of $2.08 with a high of $2.80 and a low of $1.70.  Macs sold for an average price of $2.16 and had a similar range of prices with a high of 3 to a low of $1.70.

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