Manufacturers Make Multitudes

Will World manufacturers went on a spending and production spree last cycle.  Mega Corp was extremely pleased with their strong sales of all types of machines and all raw material producers say they sold out and are scrambling to meet the increased demand.

Hiring also increased as manufacturers ramped up production.  Unfortunately, consumers simply weren’t able to keep up with the increased production.  Production of all types of Macs increased by 23% while all Lyon production increased by 34%.  With an average market price of $2.01 for a Mac (with a high of $2.60 and a low of 1.80) consumers simply didn’t have a demand for that many Macs.   The Painted Mac suffered from over supply at an average price of $3.35.  Even wealthy consumers felt the market was overpriced.  At an average price of $9.25, few consumers wanted a Luxury Mac.

The Lyon market saw even greater imbalances, with consumers reluctant to pay an average price of $2.15 per Lyon, many companies are dealing with excess inventory.   The same was true for the Painted Lyons, with average prices of $3.05, consumers left many products on the shelves.   With a large price differential between the competition, the Luxury Lyon market had a reasonably successful sales season at an average price of $6.51.

Overall consumers complained about price gouging and showed some hesitation in buying products from companies that were making strange decisions, not advertising or were seen to not value their employees.

Industry watchers are watching carefully to see if the new pollution abatement system might reduce manufacturers production levels.

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