Economics Party Tackles Climate Change

Edward Wang, Economics Party CEO

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Will World – The Economics Party has long since realized the importance of protecting the environment of Will World. In advance, we have conducted intensive long-term research on this matter so that we may meet more stringent regulations as are in place now.


We have dealt with pollution mainly by using our research points and assistants as predicted last cycle. However, through our efforts to bid up the auction prices of pollution credits, we have also inadvertently gained a goosie. Because of our preparations for this system last cycle, we have been able to ramp up production where others have fell off.


We have employed and trained 13 research assistants in order to control our emissions, which we have calculated to be at 1650 tons. 200 of those are allowed by the government, and 100 are covered by the goosie that we purchased. That leaves 1350 tons. Due to a clerical error, 50 tons are unaccounted for.


The management of the Economics Party sincerely apologizes for this mistake and have taken steps to prevent it in the future. The Economics Party will graciously accept any repercussions for our mistake and will be working closely with the government of Will World to ensure that this does not happen again.

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