Response of Wayne Enterprises to Implementation of Pollution Credits

When the pollution credit system was introduced, Wayne Enterprises realized they had under-planned and had too little funds to offset their pollution. Wayne Enterprises overbought raw resources before considering whether they had left enough money to obtain pollution reduction so they could use the raw resources they had just bought. They used 48 of their 49 research points to increase their allowed pollution by 600. They then bought one pollution credit, all they could afford due to the earlier purchase of raw resources. Wayne Enterprises decided to focus on only painted and luxury goods, which have are less supplied and thus have greater prices, since they had so little pollution they could produce that cycle. They did not install scrubbers since they lacked the funds to do so. Wayne Enterprises decided to rely on their overfilled inventory to sell at decreased prices to earn enough money to purchase scrubbers in the next cycle. Hopefully Wayne Enterprises will better plan their finances next cycle so that our economy does not lose jobs and our citizens do not have to pay more for Macs and Lyons due to a drop in supply due to Wayne Enterprises cutbacks.

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