Hiring a Research Assistant? You Aren’t the Only One

Story filed by R Gilmore

Throwing caution to the wind, Will World manufacturers went on a hiring spree last cycle.   25 unskilled labourers found new positions.  Labour market conditions are tightening and there are worries that a shortage in quality workers is growing.  Some firms complain about unreliable workers who show up for work late or steal products.  Other companies report no issues and say new workers, pleased with higher minimum wages and employment opportunities, are productive and happy.

Skilled workers also saw a surge in hiring with 36 skilled research assistants hired just last cycle.

New requirements to reduce emissions, innovative training programs and increased responsibilities have lead to a large increase in demand for research assistants.  “We’ve never seen results like this,” said Professor McGonagall, the dean of Will World university.  “All of my students found jobs upon graduation.  All of them – even the slow ones.”

The high demand for research assistants has lead to increased salary requests.  “I fear any companies looking to hire and train research assistants are going to have to pay dearly for them,” added Professor McGonagall.


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