The Weather is Freezing but the Economy is Not

After a turbulent few cycles, Willians are growing more optimistic about their future.  The economy is growing again and hiring for full-time jobs improved last cycle leading more unemployed Willians to increase their job search efforts.

While unemployment remains higher than the government would like, spokespeople for the Roslin administration maintain that the economy is on track and that government stimulus programs are working.

Retailers are hoping this growing confidence will be reflected in more open wallets and splurges at the cash register.  Consumer good sales were slow through the last two cycles as the recession and high unemployment made consumers cut back on their non-essential spending. The cold weather certainly didn’t help as many citizens opted to stay indoors, watching television and playing games instead of going to restaurants, shopping and enjoying normal winter activities.

The Central Bank of Will World continues to monitor the economy closely, looking for any signs that consumer spending will fall again.  The Bank still has room to drop interest rates should the recovery prove to be short-lived.

Not all Willians have shared in the growing economic pie.  Unemployment among high school dropouts remains stubbornly high.  Debate continues in government over possible options.  Suggestions cover all range of possible options from lowering or raising the minimum wage to increasing welfare payments and offering cash incentives to convince the unemployed to return to school to upgrade their skills.  Parliament remains in a deadlock and it is unlikely any new legislation will pass soon.

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