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DunderMifflin Done

Story filed by R Gilmore DunderMifflin has filed for bankruptcy this morning.  After paying fines for their environmental damage and having most of their employees quit, the company has had to file for bankruptcy. To recover their investment, representatives at Cuttlebank are auctioning off all assets of DunderMifflin to the highest bidder. Assets 2 Macizoid machine 2 pollution credits Bidding will end... read more

DunderMifflin Apologizes, Pledges to Save the Geese

For Immediate Release DunderMifflin would like to apologize for the horrific death of the flock of migrating geese.  While nothing we can do can restore these beautiful creatures to life, we will do what we can for other geese in Will World. We have started a fund to purchase nearby parkland that has been abandoned due to pollution and restore it to it’s natural beauty and create a preserve for wild... read more

Dirty Air Leads to Dirty Politics

In a surprise legislative session last night, the Roslin administration pushed through their new pollution credit system over the fierce, and oft-times vulgar, objections of the opposition parties.  Through the legislation has been in the works for years, no one believed it would ever leave committee review.  The deaths last week of flocks of Willian geese that flew through the emissions of DunderMifflin... read more

Deaths at DunderMifflin

Story filed by R Gilmore In a tragic turn of events, a large migatory flock of Willian geese that flew over the smoke stacks of the DunderMifflin  died from their exposure to the toxins emitted from the factory. While CEO M. Scott initially denied any involvement in the deaths, the company couldn’t cover up the large number of bird corpses littering the company parking lot.  Toxicology tests... read more