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Frantic, Frazzled Firms Functioning is Flawed

As the Mac and Lyon industries become more competitive, the strains on executives are starting to show.  While some firms are thriving under the pressure, others are making mistakes that are hurting the bottom line. While some mistakes are small, like retaining employees that aren’t necessary for production or paying engineers to sit around and drink coffee, others are more serious. One firm ordered... read more

Overheated Economy Shows Signs of Cooling

The question now for Will World economists and the central bank, is did they turn down the heat too much?  Growth last cycle dropped to almost nothing; unemployment remained almost unchanged but as a lagging indicator, we might not see the full effects until next cycle. The interest rate increase was successful in curbing Willian’s appetite for debt.  Consumer debt levels remained stable last... read more


Facing a short-fall of revenue and demands for more infrastructure spending, the government is expected to consult business leaders on different tax options.  With considerable debate among elected representatives and government economists, the Roslin administration appears to have narrowed the options to five. A property tax of 5% on the value of all manufacturers machines. An excise tax of $1 on raw... read more

Choosy Consumers Make Choices

Manufacturers had a record-breaking cycle, selling 25% more units than the last cycle.  However, revenues rose by only 0.2% as average prices of most goods fell.  Macs sold for an average of $1.73 while Lyons sold for $1.54.  Prices in the painted product market were relatively stable, with Painted Macs selling for $3.22 and Painted Lyons for $3.24.  Prices for Luxury Macs dropped dramatically to an... read more

Spilled Coffee, Spilled Secrets

A disgruntled consultant at a local consulting firm that often serves as a source for manufacturing industry tips has shared the following research with Will World Words.  Saying she isn’t paid enough for her insights she has decided to share with our readers the following information about the popularity of Will World manufacturing... read more

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