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Response of Wayne Enterprises to Implementation of Pollution Credits

When the pollution credit system was introduced, Wayne Enterprises realized they had under-planned and had too little funds to offset their pollution. Wayne Enterprises overbought raw resources before considering whether they had left enough money to obtain pollution reduction so they could use the raw resources they had just bought. They used 48 of their 49 research points to increase their allowed... read more

Pear – Reaction to the Pollution Credit System

When the system was initially revealed to us, our first thought was to account for all product production in the next cycle. We had quite a number of machines, so we thought that we could just produce at maximum capacity and deal with the credits on the next round. We took a closer look at how we could solve the problem with the limited amount of credits, and the following describes how we reacted with... read more

Economics Party Tackles Climate Change

Edward Wang, Economics Party CEO Saturday, June 3, 2017   Will World – The Economics Party has long since realized the importance of protecting the environment of Will World. In advance, we have conducted intensive long-term research on this matter so that we may meet more stringent regulations as are in place now.   We have dealt with pollution mainly by using our research points and... read more

Mega Corp Introduces Clean Air Technology

Mega Corp is thrilled to announce the development and production of our new Scrub-Ease technology.   Designed for the LM Supreme, Macizoid and Lyonator our new scrubbers reduce your pollution emissions to government-accepted levels.  We have assurances from government officials that any machine that has this technology installed will not require pollution credits. The cost of the machines, plus... read more

DunderMifflin Apologizes, Pledges to Save the Geese

For Immediate Release DunderMifflin would like to apologize for the horrific death of the flock of migrating geese.  While nothing we can do can restore these beautiful creatures to life, we will do what we can for other geese in Will World. We have started a fund to purchase nearby parkland that has been abandoned due to pollution and restore it to it’s natural beauty and create a preserve for wild... read more

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