CuttleBank is proud to be the largest, most trusted bank in Will World.  Our years of service and strong community ties help us meet your banking needs.

We offer a wide range of products and investments to suit your investing needs. Help us manage your cash flow by opening a business account with use today. Our direct deposit system reduces your need to deal with paper money.  No more lost CuttleBucks to worry about.


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Ready to expand?

Are you trying to grow your business but don’t have the necessary resources to expand.  CuttleBank is here to help.  We are offering the following loan to our clients.

Loan Amount: $400 Interest per cycle: 7.5% Length: 3 cycles Interest Payments: Due every cycle

Your maximum loan is the value of your gross assets.


Helping Will World Grow

In our on-going efforts to contribute to the growth and success of the Willian economy, CuttleBank is proud to announce our new employer-employee matching program.  Looking to hire a new employee?  Contact our Labour Specialist to find the right match for your company.

Invest with CuttleBank

Need a place to stash some cash, invest with CuttleBank today.  With a CuttleBank GIC you can feel secure that your investment is safe and working for you.

Short-term GIC Interest Rate — 6% Length — 1 cycle Minimum Investment — $100

Long-term GIC Interest Rate — 6.5% Length — 3 cycles Minimum Investment — $100

Contact a CuttleBank representative for more information.

New Account Charges

CuttleBank is pleased to provide a variety of services to our clients.  Some of these services cost the bank consider capital.  As such, an account with a negative balance, at any point in the cycle will be charged overdraft fees of 50% of the outstanding balance.

To help our customers avoid unnecessary charges, here is the standard order of processing of transactions for a manufacturing firm for during a cycle.

Opening Balance from the Previous Cycle less: raw materials purchases less: machine purchases less: service firm purchases add: sales revenue less: energy costs less: manufacturing costs less: labour costs less: interest charges

If at any point you account goes negative, you will be charged the overdraft fees.