Retailers Revelling in Renewed Revenues

Story filed by R Gilmore After last year’s doom and gloom, retailers are thrilled with consumers’ renewed enthusiasm for spending binges.  “I haven’t had this many customers in my store in months,” said local shop owner, Dallas Royce. “We almost had a fight last week when we sold out of Lyons.” At this time last year, retailers were dealing with surplus... read more

Willians Seek Lyons

Story filed by W. Tippin The citizens of Will World have been on the hunt for Lyons.  Rumours of this new gadget reached the shores of Will World late last month but they have yet to have been spotted in stores.   Local business man Barney Stinson, who claims he purchased one on an overseas business trip, says “they’re awesome” and will do wonders for your laser tag game. Unconfirmed... read more