Retailers Revelling in Renewed Revenues

Story filed by R Gilmore After last year’s doom and gloom, retailers are thrilled with consumers’ renewed enthusiasm for spending binges.  “I haven’t had this many customers in my store in months,” said local shop owner, Dallas Royce. “We almost had a fight last week when we sold out of Lyons.” At this time last year, retailers were dealing with surplus... read more

Mac Mania

Story Filed by R. Gilmore A new craze is sweeping Will World.  Macs are coming to town.  After selling out with a limited run, Wolfram & Hart has promised a new supply of Macs as soon as their new Macizoid is installed. “The response we received from our initial run was beyond all expectations,” says Mr. Windham Price. “We anticipate higher sales in the future as more citizens of... read more